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PlugPDF SDK is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader SDK
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29 April 2014

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This SDK helps include PDF reading capabilities into your applications.

PlugPDF SDK provides an easy way of developing PDF reader functionality. This provides a very simple, a very lightweight way of creating a reader. For developing PDF reader apps for Android and iOS platforms, all you may need to do is to simply write five lines of code. This will be for the glue logic tying up the library provided. You can create a high performance mobile PDF reader application quickly and effectively with this SDK. The multi-platform support is quite valuable. These apps could be very handy in providing you one-touch access to important documents and urgent PDF files. You will be able to read these documents anywhere, anytime. The interface presented is quite an intuitive one. Most users will be able to start using it quite simply. It is not anything like the Adobe reader interface but is easy to use anyhow.

This SDK is free to use for personal use and individual developers. Software organizations needing to distribute it as some product will have to buy a license. During the trial period it is free to use of course. 30 day trial period will let you get completely familiar with the tool alright! As you can create a product so easily, deploying your app is going to be simple. This SDK will help you create apps with very fast speed and memory optimization. The rendering engine for the PDF display is a quick one too. The app will be highly interactive in addition. This is a good tool.

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PlugPDF SDK is a simple, cost-effective and streamlined PDF reader SDK that offers the twin advantage of functionality and convenience. Designed to provide optimum support on both Android and iOS platforms, you can create a high performance mobile PDF reader application quickly and effectively with PlugPDF SDK!
= Rapid Deployment =
No need to spend hours poring over complex technicalities and complicated coding when you can get the job done in just 5 EASY LINES! Offering simple, quick and hassle-free deployment, PlugPDF SDK comes with a user-friendly and simple interface that is ready to use and requires just 5 lines of code to add a PDF reader to your app!
= Unmatched Reliability =
No need to fall for scams when you can get a proven, robust and reliable solution for adding a comprehensive PDF reader to your app. PlugPDF SDK brings a high quality PDF engine to your reach in just minutes.
= Speed and Memory Efficiency =
Enjoy the fastest speed and cutting edge memory optimization with a streamlined PDF rendering engine for both Android and iOS devices. You can be assured of top-of-the-line features and enhanced control when you choose PlugPDF Mobile PDF Reader SDK.
= Cross Platform Support =
Unlike other vendors in the market, PlugPDF Mobile PDF Reader SDK comes with cross platform support for both iOS and Android which enhances functionality and lets you deliver more convenience and control to your customers.
= Cost Effective Rates =
We offer the best value for money with streamlined features, quick and easy deployment and cost effective packages for single and cross platform support that you won't find elsewhere.
Try out our trial version with all the features intact ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Version 2.2
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